Online Marketing done right brings Offline Marketing Success

Online marketing scares a lot of small companies.

As a company owner, all you care about is getting phone calls, traffic (or leads) and sales. It has to be all about the “bottom line”.  And in business the bottom line is making money.

The business world before the internet was built on advertising and word-of-mouth.  It was expensive to build and maintain an effective marketing strategy that helped you grow your business.

Now we all depend on the internet to communicate, find stuff and buy the things we want or need.  This new “digital” world will almost certainly NEVER go away.  The good news is it can be easier than ever to build your brand online.  Even better … it is more affordable to generate customer leads and sales than ever before. is a service provided by Local Biz PDQ to help small companies get online traffic so you sell your products and services … online or offline.

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Fact #1 …

The Yellow Pages and other printed phone directories are outdated and don’t work like they did before.

Fact #2 …

Print media like newspaper advertising is getting much more expensive and rarely seen by your best target audience.  You want and NEED buyers.  The majority of buyers have gone online to research, find and hook up with suppliers and contractors.

Fact # 3 …

Online marketing campaigns can be set up relatively quickly and worked into almost any small company’s budget.  You can start small and build your budget as you begin to see results.

Check out to find out about our Online-Offline marketing services.  Here is a brief summary of a few of our popular services:

  • Video Marketing … We create simple videos and send them out to high-traffic video sites online to build your SEO rankings and get you website traffic and phone calls.
  • Social Marketing … We get your business on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others.  This can effectively create activity and “buzz” to build traffic and sales.
  • Mobile Marketing … We can build you a mobile friendly website or make your existing website mobile ready.  This is incredibly important now that the entire world has gone mobile.  Smart phones like Androids and iPhones are being sold by the millions and your new and existing customers expect to find you on their phones.

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Video Marketing “Done Right” Can Help Your Phone Ring

Local Video Marketing is a Vital Promo Strategy to Add Customers and Raise Profits!

Video Marketing may sound a bit like promoting the latest film release. But fortunately for small companies it’s not. Marketing your company using Online Video Marketing makes a lot of sense … AND it may change your world.

Let’s start with a few points that may make you skeptical about doing anything online …

  • First … I know if you’re like most small company owners, you have almost no clue about online marketing or internet promotion.  Even if you do know how important it is you also know you don’t have any time to do it yourself.
  • Second … How do you get started if you don’t know how to focus your time to get the results that you want or need?
  • Third …  How can you possibly afford to put a meaningful initial program in place if you have limited financial resources?

The good news is you are an entrepreneur.  You should already know how to deal with the three major stumbling blocks that slow or stop any small company’s growth.  The big three “small biz” obstacles are: Fear; Lack of Knowledge; and Little or No Money.

Fear is easy (I’m not saying it’s fun) … you put your blinders on and “Just Do It”.  Knowledge is something you can learn as you get started (remember you are an entrepreneur) … And Money is usually always an issue for small businesses.  You need to find a way to get the money you need to grow your business. It’s that simple … and that important.

Promotion is the life-blood of any business.  I don’t care whether you run a contractor type of business or a product based business.  EVERY company needs to continue promoting to survive, grow and succeed. The issue is that your promotion strategies must change to keep pace with today’s world.

The biggest challenge facing all of us these days is the world is changing faster than ever before.  That may not seem fair or easy to manage … but that is the new reality.  You can absolutely count on rapid and constant change being a fact of business life for as long as you own or run your business.

You probably know all this.  You may understand that Yellow Page and similar once- trusted advertising promo campaigns no longer work well … if at all.  The bottom line is you will always need an affordable way to get your name and message out to new and existing customers.

The big question you may have is this:

“What is the single major strategy I should use to promote my business now?”

My answer probably won’t surprise you … given the title of this article … Video Marketing! Not only is video marketing effective … but more specifically Local Video Marketing  can work for almost all small companies. It is affordable and relatively easy to add to your marketing efforts.

Most small companies already have websites but it is critically important to bring “targeted” traffic (people who are interested in your product or service)  to your company website.

Why Local Video Marketing?

Video marketing works well for a number of simple reasons. The internet industry giants control how people search online … and that directly affects how sites rank high enough to be found. You need your business to “rank” high so people (customers) can find you easily.  Right now Videos are a HUGE factor in helping your ranking.

Google is the largest Search Engine (the place you type in what you are looking to find online … if you are a total “Newbie” using the web) … And Google owns YouTube, the biggest video site in the world.  They have very complicated “algorithms” (computer coding programs) that help them rank websites and web-links.

Google’s number one stated goal is to offer users (you and me) the most relevant and important information.  The reality is Profits are the number one goal of almost every company … and I believe that is big G’s real goal.  BUT … and this is important … Keeping YouTube (a video sharing site) number one means very big money and profits … so they have added tremendous extra emphasis on video sharing (in our case video marketing) in ranking sites high on their search pages.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea why Google has made videos such an important part of the “page ranking” process.  Simply stated, when you promote videos the right way (with the right “keywords”) … your customers or prospects will more easily find you on the Search engines.

One last clarification for those who know little or nothing about all this online terminology.  Let’s clear up a few terms for you.  When you open your web browser (which means you “go online” or “on the web”) you will usually see a form “box” (actually a rectangle) where you can type in what you want to find. The words you type in are “keywords” using the lingo of the Search Engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

When you type in “Pizza Orlando FL” that is an example of a keyword.  You want your site to be #1 on the first “Results” page that Google shows you.  The more marketing or relevancy “Juice” you add to your efforts the more likely your link (website or video or both) will be on Page One of the search results.

Video Marketing supercharges your promotional efforts … And Local Video Marketing is the most laser focused way of getting prospective customers to find you on page one of all the search engines.

“Local” video is aimed at getting your message out to your most important target market … which is GET Calls from local people.  You may have a BIG vision and plan on dominating the globe … AND you can when you use video marketing as a national or global tool … but you (most companies) need to start “fast” by going local first. If you have read this far it is very likely you want to make a splash in the “Local” search pages online. You can fairly easily accomplish that goal with Local Video Marketing.

You may love the idea of selling a pizza made in your town to someone across the country, but realistically, you REALLY want to attract local or visiting people to stop in or call to order pizza for delivery.

Fortunately, it is MUCH MUCH easier to rank high for local keywords. Local video campaigns are ideal for this goal. I have used Pizza as my example product in this article but this also applies for ANY local merchant or contractor/service provider.  You don’t want to fly to Portland from Orlando to install an electrical outlet.  You want to drive down the street or stay within the local area to deliver your product or service.

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